Aurora Notifications – Phone Call Alerts

From: $1.99 / month with 1 day free trial

Never miss a northern lights show again!

Tired of missing NOAA SWPC email alerts because your phone was on silent or you slept through the notification in the middle of the night? The Aurora Notifier will call you using your predetermined alert configuration of solar weather data and you can add its number to your “favorites” in your contact list so it will always ring and wake you up!

How it works

  • We aggregate data from real-time space weather sources, including the new DSCOVR
  • Every minute, our system checks data levels against user subscription options
  • If all parameters have been met you’ll receive a phone call with current conditions
  • Depending on your package level some users can configure additional data options
  • Currently, only one phone call per day will be issued to eliminate calls every minute

$1.99per month/USD


  • Kp Index Monitoring
  • GW Power monitoring

$3.99per month/USD


  • Kp Index monitoring
  • GW Power monitoring
  • Solar Wind monitoring
  • Density monitoring
  • Bz monitoring
  • Bt monitoring

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